• You get to empathize with disadvantaged people and understand them from some of the things they do to choices they make . Sometimes you can also help in providing a better solution for them.
  • University was a big eye opener for me to realize I have a lot ! When it came to group work some people wouldn't come to meetings , they didn’t have phones or laptops to communicate.
  • I was surrounded with great advantaged people(myself included)so we made it work. Often times we would do our group work at one members home where everything from a computer(s) to WIFI is available , we made transport arrangements for those who couldn’t not afford and we would sacrifice more hours at school for easier meet ups . We didn’t make anyone feel bad for not having the needed necessities and each member did their work. If you give people the opportunities and necessities that they lack , many of them are eager to work .
  • You get to have some self awareness and STAY OUT OF CONVERSATIONS you have ZERO capacity to engage . Even if your intentions were pure it will come off as nothing but offensive and ignorant .A great example would be how a lot of people give advice on how poor people should be able to handle, save and make money and to stop “being lazy” . Most people are not assured of steady income due to high rates of unemployment , finding means of income is so hard without any capital to begin with and the cost of basic necessities is so expensive ! One cannot simply save any money if their entire income is going towards trying to survive . Let us also consider the mental and emotional damage you can be in when you allow the reality to kick in that you do not have finance and stability because you are at the disadvantaged side , not even by choice.
  • One thing about inequality is that if will eventually affect everyone . Male privilege has allowed the patriarchy to prosper and even men that claim to be against it are still benefitting from it (most still in denial) . These same men then come online and complain of how they are forced to be providers of the house and how women expect them to be financially stable from the get go . Men are not allowed to be vulnerable because they’ll be mocked .They do not realize that patriarchy is not benefitting anyone even them .




■Freelance writer and storyteller ■ I can write for you as well ■For enquiries do contact me

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■Freelance writer and storyteller ■ I can write for you as well ■For enquiries do contact me

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